Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Bike.4 resurrected!

With some very helpful advice from the forum, I took the motor apart; it turned out that I'd tried to dismantle it in the worst possible way, the right way was actually quite easy, I just needed to unscrew six screws holding the motor together. The only difficult bit has been dealing with the circlips, but that's because I don't have circlip pliers, and that should be remedied real soon now, courtesy of Ebay.

The problem was, indeed, the gears.

The gear wheels are plastic, and they've been totally destroyed. I guess I put too much torque on them. Lesson learned, maybe. I say "maybe" because I do like to have a lot of torque, that's what gets you up hills and over soggy ground.

So I took off the gear (as you can see above). I can get a new one from Aliexpress for £20, including postage. If you've never heard of Aliexpress, it's the biggest web site for buying things in the world, selling stuff made in China. And there's a bike shop in Southend that might have one.

But while I was looking at the destroyed gear, I remembered that I have another one just like it, inside a bike motor that I stopped using because the bearings were very loose. So I dismantled that motor, took out the planetary, put it in bike.4's motor, and now bike.4 is reassembled.

I haven't tested it yet - I have some more modifications to do. The vendor of the bike controllers that I'm using ( told me that the problem with using them at 24 volts, is that they're designed for 36 volts and above. But, he said, I can open them up and modify them. All I need to do is replace a resistor, with one of a lower resistance, and I've looked at it, and it does look like something I could do.

So I've ordered resistors of a value such that I can modify the two controllers that need it, and as they're coming from the UK, they shojld arrive this week.

Bike.4 will live again!

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