Thursday, 17 April 2014

Up to Upwood

It was going to be sunny and hot today, except that it wasn't, there was even a few dots of rain. But I had a great time.

I went to Huntingdonshire (which has been demoted to a District), and I did two circuits. The first was "Upwood Out N Ubout", done in reverse. There hasn't been much rain on the last few weeks, so the ground is dry and hard, great for biking. When I finished that circuit, I had a bash at a multi called "Alwine's Treasure". I was unable to find the value for the first letter, and the pub was closed for refurbishment, so I had to ask a local for the second. I got the other three, and while I had my sandwich, I did some plotting on the map, and I decided that I knew where the final was. So after lunch, on the way to my second circuit, I went and signed the log.

The second circuit was "Ravely Rumble", which I also did in reverse order. This was an accident, but turned out to be a blessing, because I think it was easier to navigate.

While I did that, I made a diversion to pick up a puzzle cache "I pity the fool".

So, 61 caches done today, a very good day out.

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