Friday 4 April 2014

The fourth and final bite at the Cambridge Cachathon

Now that bike.1 is working again, it's time to polish off the Cambridge Cachathon.

I parked at a likely looking spot, and tried to find the cache that was a few yards away. After quite a long time, I decided that this was a DNF. So then I loaded up the bike with three batteries, and set off. Only three, because I was planning to get back to the car at lunchtime.

The morning's caching went well, then I sat in the car and had my sandwich and some coffee. I popped along the footpath to dispose of some of the coffee, and on my way back to the car, I spotted the cache that had eluded me before; I wasn't actually looking for it! How did I miss that?

In the afternoon, I did the rest of the Cachathon caches, then I relocated and did a short series that took me to Oliver Cromwell's Hole, then relocated again, and did some bike-by caches around Little Gransdon

This notice was on the route - how many mistakes can you see?

73 caches done today. So - now I've done all the caches in the Cacheathon, plus several that were near to it, and my cache total is now over 36,000.

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