Tuesday 29 April 2014

Around Amersham on bike.6

Bike.6 is the Forza, it's the only bike I have that isn't a folder. So I don't want to use if for caching ... but it is such a nice bike! So I have it in the bike park in a position such that it can quickly be brought into action, and today was such a day.


I suffer from teeth that keep losnig little bits; usually old fillings, sometimes a little bit of tooth. My dentist is very good; he usually gives it a bit of a scrape, then refills it, job done. Today was just like that.

Except ... I went there on the bike. It's only a couple of miles, really too far to walk, but close enough for the bike. And taking the bike, eliminates the parking problem, which is Amersham  is severe.

So I biked to the station, used the bike park there, the dentist is 20 yards away, bish bash bosh, filling done. And then I went caching.

There's several caches in Amersham, which I haven't done because, well, they're so near, it's not worth mounting a major expedition. But since I had a couple of hours post-dentist, I swanned around a bit. Six caches done, including going off-piste in Bois Wood, and then back along the river Chess, and up Bell Lane.

At which point, it decided to rain. A lot. I got soaked. Still, that's all part of the fun.


  1. Wow!! Bell Lane, there's a road I haven't been up in a long time. Mind you, I haven't been to Bois Wood for a while either !!

  2. We used to live in Bell Lane

  3. I'm guessing that was before I knew you, and you lived in that big white house! ::

  4. We were in 104 Bell Lane, a bungalow. When daugher.2 arrived, we needed a bigger house.