Saturday 19 April 2014

Bishop's Bumble

Today, ladysolly and I went to Bishop's Stortford for an afternoon's caching. But first we stopped at Beechhanger services for lunch. I had a 7" Pizza, and I can now state definitively that this isn't enough.

Then on to the caches. We parked near number 8, because I planned to do that last) and went for number 9, and then onwards. We had two DNFs on the series; at one of them, we met Dizzypair, and gave them a helping hand with the puzzle cache (number 7). Later on in the series, I found their red biro near a cache, and when we met them again (they were doing the caches in reverse order) I was able to hand it back to them.

They also gave us the sad news that number 8, which involves crawling many yards down a concrete pipe, was not possible, because it was totally blocked by debris about 40 yards in. Ladysolly was delighted, because it meant that I wouldn't disappear into the pipe.

The track we walked on was all bridleway, which should have meant good going, but it has been so thoroughly hoofed up by horses when the ground was soft, that it's extremely uneven now.

Altogether, we found 19 caches today, and had four DNFs, which is pretty poor.

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