Wednesday 21 November 2012

Women can't be bishops

The Church of England has decided that they definitely aren't going to allow women to be bishops. I have a few questions.

1. Why do they have this exemption from the law that the rest of us have to follow?
2. And, by the way, why are they allowed to make advertising claims that cannot be substantiated?
3. Why are there a bunch of bishops in the House of Lords, affecting the legislation that I have to follow?
4. I get it that some of them believe that the bible justifies their position. But people used to believe that the bible also justifies slavery, although I doubt if many people still believe this.
5. You can find support for pretty much anything in the bible; you can/can/t eat pork, you a can/can't go to war, you make Saturday/Sunday a day of rest. To decide what is right and what is wrong, you have to appeal to a higher authority than the bible - your own conscience.
6. How come they accept a woman, Elizabeth II, as the overall head of the Church?

It might be argued that, as an atheist, who has never knowingly attended a CofE church, I'm not entitled to have a view on this. But I don't have to be a thief to know that it's wrong.

On the other hand, since this position is likely to accelerate the decline of the church, which many people think is a Good Thing, maybe the synod was guided to this position by the Hand of God.

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