Sunday 18 November 2012

Milton Keynes, Indigo and Grey

I've already done six of the Indigo series, so my first mission today was to do the others. I parked in the village near the end of the series, and mounted up; I took only one battery,becasue this was a fairly short run. I found them all, including the bonus, and picked up a Dragontree cache on the road trip back. But halfway back, I ran out of battery. Fortunately, and electric bike with an exhausted battery is still a bike, so I pedalled back to the car. Normally, I have assistance from a 250 watt motor, that's about 1/3 of a horsepower. I add about 150 to that, so between us, we're half a horse.

Back in the car, I had my lunch, and got ready for the next ride - the Grey series. This is a very long series, but I wasn't planning to do the whole thing, maybe half of it. Actually, I did 23, which is indeed about half.

But that route was a lot harder. I started off with a few lifts over stiles. After that, it was all bridleway, but part of the route was across a freshly ploughed field (I went around it) and another part was across a ploughed and harrowed field - I couldn't see a way to avoid going across that. Then I did six more caches than I should have, and ran out of battery on the way back (which means I'd exhausted all three batteries). So I've just ordered a fourth one!

I got back to the car at 7pm, just in time to get back home at the correct time for dinner. But it was a close shave - I couldn't ride the bike up a hill in the dark on soft ground, so I had to push it. And I got myself on the wrong side of a hedge on the way back, and had to backtrack.

49 caches done today, and I'm well tired.

Along the way, I was thinking about raspberry pies and how I can deploy them - I'll make that a separate post.

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