Saturday 10 November 2012

Milton Keynes, Blue series

The plan was to take the bike with me as I did this one, because it isn't a circuit, the route leaves you several miles away from where you started. I was planning to bike back along the road. I was hoping that A) it wouldn't rain, and B) there wouldn't be any fields full of cloggy claggy mud that you can't even wheel a bike across. I got lucky in both respects.

As I was going round, I saw this:

It looks sad, abandoned and lonely. If you see it, give it a hug.

Later on, I saw one of those.

There's a pole, and a string, and a bird-shaped kite on the end of the string, and it looked realistic enough that there were no birds on that field.

39 caches today, and a couple of DNFs at the end of the day.

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