Wednesday 7 November 2012

Getting ready for the Raspberry Pi

I decided to make another SD card, this one is 4gb and it isn't SDHC, so it reads fine in my card reader, and this one is Raspian, which is a Debian Linux aimed at the Raspberry - it's the default OS, so if the Fedora one gives me problems, I can try this.

Then I had a poke around. I mounted the card on a Linux box, which meant that I could access the Linux area; mounting it on a Windows box meant I couldn't see that partition. And all the familiar files were there, so I decided to do a bit more preparation.

From what I've been reading, most people seem to be using the Raspberry as a desktop-type computer; they want to add a keyboard and screen, and do stuff. But that's not really my main objective - I want to use it as a server.

So I've configured the start-up files so that it has its own, static IP address, wihch means I can ping it, and I've told it to start up sshd when it starts up, which means that I can log into it using ssh. And that means I won't need a keyboard and screen.

Also, the partition containing the Pi system is 2gb, whereas the SD card is 4; this means that half the space on the SD card is unused. So I'm using gparted on the Dell to expand the partition, so that they whole card is available.

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