Tuesday 6 November 2012

Faster DSL, a new windscreen and the squits.

One of my DSL lines was running quite slowly; 2 megabits instead of 7 or 8. So I phoned up by broadband provider, and they said the line was faulty. So I phone BT and reported that - they did a test, and agreed.

The next day, out came a BT engineer, tested this, tested that, and said "corrosion in the connection up the pole". He fixed that, and now I'm getting 7 megabits.

That's how customer service should work; well done Talktalk and BT.

Also, Paul from Glastech arrived and replaced my windscreen. Freda now looks great! And, more importantly, I won't get a lapful of broken glass at some random time.

I would have gone out today, the weather was terriffic. but I had to cry off at the last moment; a slight case of the squits. I don't feel ill, maybe just slightly achey, but I felt that it would be unwise for me to be more than a few yards from a good toilet at all times.

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