Friday, 16 November 2012

Milton Keynes, red series

Up north again, for a long bike ride. I started in the middle, and went East then back via the road. And then I went West, and back on the road. And then North, and then home.

On my West trip, I ran into a building site - a big one. And I was just about to go along the public footpath, when a man in a yellow hi-vis jacket who was sitting on a chair on a footbridge, said that I couldn't; they were bulldozing and it was too dangerous.

This put a complete kibosh on my plans, because there wasn't any way to get around this. but just as I was trundling the bike dejectedly away and starting to rethink my plans, another man came along and told Mr Hi-vis that actually, the reason he was sitting there wasn't to turn people away, it was to conduct them safely through the site. So Mr Hi-vis and I were soon trundling my bike just where I wanted to go. Along the way, I explained about geocaching to him, so that when I stopped, in the middle of the site where the bulldozing was most energetic, he wasn't surprised, and he held my bike while I found the cache.

So I left the building site behind, but then I encountered the dreaded claggy mud, which jams up into the bike wheels and makes it impossible to trundle. I had to clear out the mud a few times before I left the area.

So I got back knackered, and I won't be going out tomorrow!

Still, I got the bonus, which will go towards the Golden Bonus, and I got one of the GCSE series, and altogether, despite the mud and a little rain, I had a good time.

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