Friday 30 November 2012

Alconbury again

It was very cold today; the frost on the car was thick, and so I wore a t-shirt, three sweaters and my coat. That turned out to be enough; the only part of me that got cold was my fingers when I had to take my cloves off to sign logs. Oh, and two pair of trousers, and two pair of socks. There's no such thing as "too cold", at least, not in England, there's only "not enough clothing".

North to Alconbury. First the new Coppingford circuit by Poshrule; entirely on bridleways, byways and roads, so I went round on the bike. And then Alconbury Amble - I've already done most of these, so I was just going to get some more.

Part-way round, I met Sscafe walking the other way round, the UK's number two cacher (and at the rate she's going, soon to be number one). At first, neither of us recognised the other - that was partly because we were both bundled up against the cold, and partly because I was biking along the bridleway, she was walking across the field, so she was a few dozen yards away. but when I got to the next cache, I saw that she'd signed the log today (and she saw the same at her next cache), so I phoned her, and we agreed to meet up after we'd both done our circuits.

So we sat in the relative warmth of my car and talked caching, and batteries, and more caching, and we did a couple of caches together, and then went our separate ways. I wanted to finish off "A dozen Dashes".

So I drove around for a bit, and picked up more of that series, and although there was one I couldn't find, I decided I had enough to go for the final.

My first attempt was clearly to completely the wrong place. But then I tried again, and this time I went along an excellent track, and when I got to the place I'd marked, there was a one-plank footbridge (and the hint was "troll"). But although I looked under the bridge really hard, I couldn't see anything. So I gave up and went home.

A good day out, although cold. And the Raspberry Pies had arrived in the morning, so I had that to look forward to.

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