Friday, 22 June 2012

Daisy yet again

First, I got a phone call from V, someone purporting to be from Daisy, asking to talk to me about selling me additional services.  Well, with a phone call like that, you never know who is calling, so I told V I'd call  back, and V gave me a number to call on. I'd say that I get a call like that at least once a month, pretending (usually) to be from BT and trying to get me to buy telephony services. Usually trying to get me to switch from BT, which is how I know they aren't from BT. And likewise for gas and electricity.

So I called X my regular contact at Daisy (I'll explain below why I'm using the anonymising name X), and X checked out the name I gave, and said that V was indeed at Daisy.

So I called V back.

But the number that V had given me just rang and rang, no answer. So I called X again. It turns out that V doesn't have the ability to take inbound calls, so it was silly of V to have given me the number.

So X got V to call me, and this time, knowing that V was indeed from Daisy, I was willing to talk. What V wanted, was to arrange a meeting with U; the idea was that U is in my area, and U could pop round and we could talk about other services that Daisy had to offer. So I explained to V that I'd much prefer if U phoned me - it's a lot more efficient to do this sort of thing over the phone unless a site visit is actually needed. V was very keen that a visit should be arranged, and explained that this was what they did, so I explained that it wasn't what I did, and could V get U to phone me. We left it at that - I was left with the impression, probably erroneous, that U would phone me the next day.

Because I do indeed have a requirement for further telephony services. I'm interested in SDSL, and in fibre optic service.

The next day, U didn't phone me, so I called my usual contact X, to ask why not. And X explained that U doesn't make phone calls, only site visits. So I guess Daisy isn't so interested in supplying me with SDSL, and in fibre optic that they're willing to phone me about it, and I can't really blame them because it took them five weeks, and much pushing from me to renew the leased line contract. Could they have too many customers? Surely not.

And, at my request, X has put me on a list that should mean that I don't get telemarketing calls from Daisy in future.

By coincidence, I got an letter today from BT, so later on, I'll ask them if they'd be interested.

So, while I was talking to X, X mentioned an email I'd received a couple of weeks ago asking me to "remove the names and details of Daisy employees" from my blog, posted a month or so ago, and included a threat to "raise this with their legal team".

I didn't receive that email. X was surprised at this, because X had received a copy of the email, but I explained that I had not, and furthermore I didn't know what failing in the Daisy email system had caused that problem, but could X kindly forward me a copy? And so now I have a copy of the email that they tried to send me.

I tried to phone the person who sent it, T, but T is no longer with Daisy. And S, who signed the email, is on holiday right now, and S's assistant or deputy or whatever, R, is supposed to be calling me back but hasn't as of now. I'm not too surprised.

Well, I don't really care whether I give the actual names, email addresses and phone numbers of Daisy employees or not, so I've removed them from the blog, including the name of the Daisy CEO, so if you want to know who runs Daisy, you'll have to visit their web site. And that's why I've using letters of the alphabet instead of names.

And I'm quite flattered that Daisy are reading my blog.

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