Saturday 23 June 2012

Hips and shoulders

My right hip, I'm glad to say, is still fine. However, I got a letter from Stoke Mandeville inviting me to come for the dreaded injection, and requesting that I turn up three days ago. What had happened, is that they sent it to my old address (as of a couple of years ago) because that, apparently, is what is on their NHS system (I guess this is the all-singing umpteen-billion-pound universal NHS computer system) and the person sending out the letter used that, instead of using my current address, which was on the letter that they got from the doctor referring me.

So I phoned them to explain why I'd missed the appointment, and to get them to correct the address info (and somehow I feel that this correction isn't going to work universally). They've done that, and then said they'd make a new appointment, but I explained that my hip problem seems to have fixed itself anyway, so no need.

With the same transfer from my old address, was an item of junk mail from a recruitment company. So I phoned them to explain that I'm not there any more. The lady answering the phone said that the relevant director wasn't there, but took my number so she could call me back. Very soon after, I was called back from a mobile phone; it sounded like she'd pulled in to a lay-by so that she could call me. I'm guessing that she was quite disappointed to learn that I was only calling her to tell her that my address had changed.

So, falling on my right side into that ditch a few days ago, left me with a bad right shoulder. By the evening, I wasn't able to raise my arm as high as my shoulder without considerable pain, and any higher was out of the question. Oh no, I was thinking, no sooner does my hip get better ...

But it's been getting better a lot faster than I'd feared it might, and now I can raise my hand high over my head with only a bit of discomfort. I'm thinking that I'll be able to go out biking on Monday.

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