Tuesday 12 June 2012

More hardware and software

On the server called Heavy (because it is), drive e wasn't working, so I decided to replace it. That was easy enough, but then ... when I put it back on the shelf, drive c stopped working. So I put it back on the workbench, and discovered that when the server was on its side, drive c worked, but when the server was upright, it didn't work. Huh.

I still don't know the cause. I "fixed" it by taking out drive c and putting it in a different position in the server.

And the software I did today is a continuation of the geocaching development. I'm copying 3000 html files onto the PDA each time I update, and that takes a very long time, because each one takes a few seconds, I don't know why. Windows. So I thought, I'll only copy the ones that have changed. So, I thought, get perl for Windows (called Strawberry perl), and write it in that.

The plan failed. Windows recognises the PDA as a "mobile device", but I can't see any way to assign it a drive letter. So, on to plan B - attach the CF card to a linux computer, and then it was easy.

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