Thursday 28 June 2012

Insured Health resolved

Gemma from Insured health got back to me. She's found out where they got the data from, they won't be sending me any more spam, and they won't be buying data from that data supplier in future. I hope I've helped them discover that you can't just buy a list of email addresses and hope that the vendor is telling the truth about the source. And that they shouldn't ever get themselves into a position such that a director is on holiday and as a result, they're unable to take necessary action, promptly.

So the Insured health story is completed. Almost. There's an outstanding complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority, sent to them by the Information Commissioner's Office which still has to work it's way through.

Meanwhile, the Mighty Deals saga continues.

Mighty Deals sent me a spam, and at the bottom, they said that I'd opted in on the Rightmove web site. And, of course, I haven't. So I phoned Sarah at Mighty Deals to complain (she told me they never purchase data, they only get it from other companies in trades, and it turned out that she was mistaken in that belief), I called Tomas at Rightmove to tell them that their name was being used without their permission, and I called Peter at 247emaildelivery, because they were the ones that were actually doing the emailing.

I haven't called Webfusion, who are 247emaildelivery's ISP to complain about spam, because Peter seems to be doing the right things, so far.

So then I got an email from Monetize Group. Apparently, they were doing the marketing for Mighty Deals in this case, and they'd got a bunch of data from, and my info was in that data.

I've had dealings with Yourdataplanet before, and they said they'd taken me off their list.

So I called Peter at 247emaildelivery to tell him about the email from Monetize, and he's going to be bringing this matter up at his next meeting with Mighty Deals. Apparently, in this business, reputation is critically important, and if one company does something a bit iffy, that can besmirch the reputation of everyone else in the chain. And I think that's what has happened in this case.

And I called Rightmove. They're taking this *very* seriously. They know that they have never passed on any of their information, and they've also checked that I've never given them my email address. They've given Mighty Deals 48 hours to respond, and then they're going to take this to the Information Commissioner's Office.

When the dust from this settles, I'm guessing there's one or two companies mentioned above that will never do business again with one or two of the other companies mentioned above. Well actually, I'm not guessing - I've been told.

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