Monday 18 June 2012


Last night, the fake tooth that my dentist had made for me (out of something resembling Araldite), and which had been getting increasingly loose, finally fell out. Plonk, into the sink as I was cleaning my teeth.

This is good - the looseness of that tooth was annoying, and the dentist said that he couldn't remove it because that would damage the place it was embedded in, we had to wait for it to come out. So I'm pleased that it's made the leap.

So, on the way to Essex this morning, as soon as I could find a lay-by to pull in, I phoned for an appointment, and I was flabbergasted to get one for 8:30 tomorrow, although I gather it's the kind where you turn up and wait for a hole. That's fine by me, and I'm hoping that by this time tomorrow, the gap in my dentition will be filled by a very realistic-looking tooth.

Although I can't help thinking that if it were a gold tooth, that would look rather flash.

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  1. Thanks for your spam, it's my first! If I ever find myself in Massachusetts and in need of an emergency dentist, I'll look you up. Just for comparison's sake, I've asked you for an estimated cost for a root canal filling.

    Meanwhile, can I interest you in lessons in English? Your comment reads as if English is your second language, and needs some polishing.