Sunday, 17 June 2012

Chuntering round Chartridge

Ladysolly and I went out caching today, near where we used to live. Nine caches in a route. I parked on the grass verge, and picked up a micro left over from a cache I archived a couple of years ago, the first cache we put out. Then down dale and up hill, till we got back to the car. A short day because ladysolly has what looks like a boil in a most inauspicious place, and it makes walking slightly painful.

Then over to Rickmansworth to finish off a series I did a few weeks ago, but didn't have time for the final. No walking required, and a shout of glee when I spotted the rather good container.

Tomorrow, I'm planning to go for a long day out in Essex, the first time for ages that I've gone a long way to go caching. That's because I've been nervous about going a long way in case I need to cut the day short and get back home with my hip tendonitis. But now I'm sure that I can do the whole day on the bike without a problem, and going round the sea wall in Essex is going to be free from hills, and hopefully not too many difficult stiles.

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