Saturday 16 June 2012

A celebration

Out today with ladysolly and daughters.1&2 plus spouses to celebrate the birthday of daughter.1. A very fine steak, some excellent chips, lots of wine and champagne and a very jolly evening. It cost approximately two ipad 3s, quite a bill!

I wasn't sure if they'd allow me in wearing trainers, which I prefer when stumbling around London because I now find that dress shoes have uncomforably high (1 inch) heels, so I took a pair of dress shoes with me in my bag, just in case. I've been refused admission to the Dorchester before because of inappropriate footwear, and a pub in Bucks, and I got thrown out of a bar in Australia for the same reason. My plan was, if the doorman didn't like my (rather disreputable-looking) trainers, I'd stand there while he watched and switch to shoes. And, once inside, I'd take them off again. But I didn't need to.

I did a bit of research - you can buy folding dress shoes for £25 on Ebay, but I do this so rarely, it isn't worth the cost.

The food was so salty, I've been gulping down water in great volumes. Why do they do that? Don't they teach these chefs how to cook?

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