Friday 16 March 2012

Kodajo phone humber

Whhen I want to complain about a spam sent to me, I want to phone. I could email, but that gives the spammer a valid email address to spam in future. Did you think that spammers are too ethical to do that? Also, it's very easy for them to ignore my email, but not so easy to ignore a phone call.

Sometimes, it's no easy to find a phone number for them, but that means a bit of a challenge, and everyone enjoys a challenge. That was the case for Kodajo (07939 529675). There was no phone number on their web site, just a lot of different email addresses. And the whois database didn't have a phone number either.

My next attempt was Google, of course. That threw up a number of web sites offering financial information on the company for a small fee. And maybe one of those would have given a phone number ... or maybe not. Still, I got the name of the director, Mr Robert Brearley, and the addrress and post code that he worked out of. Also, by clicking on the director's name, I was able to discover other companies that he currently had, or were now defunct. No luck with phone numbers, though. But then I found a company called Avery West, similar address, also run by Mr Brearley, but this one was Mr Thomas Brearley, and surely, I thought, that can't just be a cocoincidence? Especially as yet another company gave Mrs Brearly as director, another similar address. So I phone Mr Brearley, and my hopes were fulfilled - he is connected with Kodajo, and he said he'd get them to call me back.

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  1. Kodajo's was fairly harmless spam, assuming you got the same message that I did. Like you, I'm not too keen on businesses that 'hide' online. If the internet could be regulated, the practice should be banned, although the same effect may be achieved by punters simply refusing to deal with faceless companies. It is odd though that my companies letter headings are required to show their registered addresses and VAT numbers, whereas companies trading 'on the internet but in this country' suffer no such compulsion. Just another example of the inability of legislators to keep up with technology.

    I confined myself to advising them of where I thought they were going wrong in their interface (one of the main reasons - there were several - why I didn't think they needed to exist).

    My search for references to Kodajo brought me a link to this blog, which is nothing if not interesting!