Wednesday 7 March 2012

Hip trochartes bursitis

I've just come back from the physio; my GP referred me for the pain in my leg. The physio bent and twised my leg this way and that, and I called out when it hurt. After many oohs and ouches and the occasional "YOW", he diagnosed hip trochartes bursitis. There's a bag of fluid that eases the rubbing between parts of the body, these are called bursae, and they can get inflamed. The trochanteric bursa is located on the side of the hip. The cause was probably when I fell off my bike, several months ago; I've been hoping it would fix itself, but it hasn't.

The physio recommended ice-pack treatment a few times per day to help the inflammation, plus he gave me some stretching exercises. He said, and internet research concurs, that this will probably fix it. If it doesn't, he wants me to come back in a month's time for a cortisone treatment.

This is all great news - I was slightly worried that it might be arthritis, or rheumatism, or maybe even a joint injury. The likelihood that ice packs will fix the problem is great news. He also said that, given the level of exercise that I'm doing, there's no need to cut back on it. The internet concurs that "if it isn't making it hurt, it isn't making it worse", which is what I'd have expected.

I also had an eye test today, getting two things done on the same day. My vision has ... improved! I've gone from 1.25 diopters shortsighted to 1 diopter; at that rate, I'll have perfect vision in eight years time. The improvement does mean new glasses, though, and this time I'm changing from glass to plastic; the optician assured me that I wouldn't have the scratchy problems that have happened in the past, plus they're lighter, plus they're safer (won't shatter like glass could). So, same old frames (there was nothing wrong with them) and new varifocals.

The only bad news today was, I went to the bike shop to get a center stand for the bike. He had one, but it wouldn't fit because of the cable guide in the way, and he reckons that the same would be true for any center stand. Still, I can live with that.

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