Sunday 11 March 2012

Shedfield shenanigans

Out with ladysolly today, so I chose a ring of caches that wouldn't just be "a pile of sticks". We went round the Shedfield Tour.

Ladysolly got us sandwiches from Tesco, and we sat in a layby near the first cache of the series and ate them. While we ate, we watched a cacher looking for the cache there; he hunted high and low, and I'm pretty sure he didn't find it. Unfortunately, he gave up just a few minutes before we finished lunch, and by the time we had our boots on, he'd driven off.

A quick check round the area failed to reveal the cache, but a more careful inspection soon revealed something that shouldn't have been there, and there was the cache; thanks to Micro Detector Mark One.

Then we set off on the other 14 caches. The second in the series was another toughie, and we spent 20 minutes before I spotted it in exactly the sort of place we'd been expecting. And then onwards. About half of them were easy enough, but about half of them were really difficult; we almost gave up on two of them, but persistence overcomes resistance, as Mr Lane used to tell me. So eventually, we scored 15 out of 15. Then we picked up a previously solved puzzle, or rather I did; ladysolly was too tired for further action and sat in the car playing with her bridge app. And then to another solved puzzle, for which I got the bike out, and biked to it and three others nearby.

A good day out, but ladysolly needs to get more rest, and so does my hip, it was painful all day; bad at first, but getting somewhat better later.

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