Wednesday 14 March 2012

The perfect head torch

Another quest of mine, has been for the perfect head torch. The specification:

- a bright, focussed main beam, which can be dimmed for longer battery life;
- a lower light secondary beam
- runs off AA batteries (which are longer lasting than AAA), in a pod at the back (for balance)
- a good headstrap that holds it in place, which adjustable azimuth

What I've found, is the Magicshine MJ-CT806. The box claims 220 lumens, which I can believe, and it can also run at 75% and 50% of that. There's also lower power white LEDs at the front, and you can have 1, 2 or all 3 on.

But the really charming feature - you also have red LEDs on at the front, which is good for reading without destroying your night vision. And there's a red LED at the back, which can be steady or blinking. And that red LED at the back, is great for night biking. So, at night, I'll ride with the main beam on full, and the rear red LED on flashing.

The whole thing looks and feels good, and is going to be my primary head torch for biking and caching. You can get it for £15, which isn't bad, as it includes three rechargable AA batteries and a charger.

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