Friday 30 March 2012

Up the Great North Road

First a ring of 25 caches, the Catworth Circular. I'd planned to go round by bike, but the cache page said that would be a bad idea, so I went on foot. Actually, I'd have done a lot better on the bike; the going was excellent and there were no stiles until the last few caches, which I'd have done by taking a longer way round by road.

Then on to Alconbury, where I did a dozen caches some of which were quite difficult, and I got 2 DNFs, followed by a multi where I was unable to get two of the values needed, but was lucky enough to find the cache.

After that, it was all drive-bys. 52 caches done today. My bursitis is still troubling me.


  1. irate from Hereford2 April 2012 at 20:50

    ok Dr Solly, sorry this doesn't pertain to your recent blog, but it is a subject very close to your heart! I have a relative, who has a ????? email addy. I keep receiving spam emails from this address, that the account holder has no control over. They tell me that BT can't do anything and are told by BT the account maybe cloned. Not knowing much about PEC(2003) or Reverse Whois IP's or even how to make a strawberry pavlova, I find this hard to believe, so I thought I'd phone a friend. But you're not listed in the phone book. So I ring BT, and ask them, but... They can't do anything without the account holders permission, authority or blessing.. So I have to blacklist their email addy, which means that the kids don't get to hear from their Aunty anymore!!

    Don't BT, or even Yahoo, where I think the emails originate from, have an obligation to sort this out??

    Gripe over, move on..

  2. Tell your aunty to change her password. That should do the trick - the bad guy got her password (probably because she gave it to him without realising he was a bad guy, they don't all talk like Peter Lorre) and once she's changed it, he won't be able to use her account for spamming. Simples.

    "told by BT the account maybe cloned" is gibberish.

    Here's how you make a strawberry pavlova:

  3. Ha !

    Thanks Dr.