Thursday 27 May 2021

Day 437 of self-isolation - 14-11


And anyone 30 or over, can get vaccinated.

Dominic Cummings says that our government was totally incompetent throughout the whole Covid mess. I've blogged several times on this. They were running around like panicked politicians, spraying money in all directions (mostly to their cronies) buying useless systems and not taking the whole thing as seriously as it deserved..

But one thing was new to me - according to Cummings, Boris suggested that he get himself injected with Covid-19 virus live on TV, to show how unimportant this pandemic was. If he'd gone through with that, it would probably have killed him - remember that he was in intensive care when he picked up a much lighter load of virus.

And we can speculate that with Boris dead of Covid, the reshuffled government would have taken Covid a lot more seriously, a lot earlier, both in the March-May wave and in the October-March wave. Far fewer people would have died. The sacrifice of Boris would have been a good trade.

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