Monday 3 May 2021

Day 413 of self-isolation - Fifteen love

Fifteen love

My weight is down to 15 stone zero pounds, that's 210 pounds, or  95 kilograms. That give a BMI of 29.4. which puts me as "Overweight"

That's good news, because until recently, I was "Obese".

But the BMI calculator tells me I need to lose another 32 pounds and get down to 12 stone 10 pounds.

That might not be possible.


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  1. I'm 6'0" and 163 lbs which gives me a BMI of 22.1 . 22.1 is right in the middle of "normal" yet I consider myself thin as do most others. Maybe I'm not thin but in comparison to others where the norm is pushing overweight, average looks thin.