Tuesday 18 May 2021

Day 428 of self-isolation - The India variant

The India variant

This is still being researched, but from what we know so far, it's more infectious than the Kent variant, which itself was more infectious that the original Covid.

We don't know that it's more likely to lead to hospitalisation, or death. And we don't know if the vaccines are as protective as against Kent or Original.

We know that it's more infectious, because it's overtaking the Kent variant in Canterbury and Bradford. That means that herd immunity won't happen until we reach 85% immunity. Maybe even more.

Vaccination is still going well, and (unlike the USA) we don't need to resort to bribery to get people jabbed. 95% of people over 50 have been vaccinated, and the number of people in hospital is down from the peak of 40,000, to 1,000. Hospitals are returning to normal, and are doing the non-urgent surgeries again.

We're seeing some caution from the government, but the planned easing of lockdown today went as planned.

Deaths over the last seven days averaged at ten per day, new cases at 2200.


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