Monday 24 May 2021

Day 434 of self-isolation - Vick0 problems

Vick0 problems

I have a server called vick0, and it's been crashing every few days. So I decided to fix it.

First, I did a memory test, which it passed. 

Then I changed the power supply, which led to it crashing more.

So I changed the motherboard, which led to more crashes.

And then I changed the CPU. More crashes.

So at that point, I had changed everything except the hard disk. So I disconnected the hard disk. Still crashing.

Then I swapped out the memory. Still crashing.

Which means that I'd changed everything. This was a whole new computer, giving the same problem I started with.

Is this server haunted?


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  1. There don't seem to have been any comments on your posts for ages, so I thought I'd do something about that:
    Yes - definitely haunted :-)