Friday 28 May 2021

Day 438 of self-isolation - Increasing cases

Increasing cases

Two worrying tendencies.

1. The number of new cases yesterday was 3542, which is a lot more than the 2500-odd we've been seeing

2. The Indian variant is 75% of new cases.

How did the Indian variant get a hold so quickly? There's two reasons. The first is that it's more infectious than the Kent variant, which is itself more infectious than the original virus. There's nothing we could have done about that. But the second reason, is the reaction of our oven-ready government.

When it became clear that the Indian variant was an issue, the government did nothing. Because they were trying to get a trade deal with India, they didn't shut down travel from there. So, yet another dividend from Brexit.

Do the current vaccines protect against the India variant? We're being told that it does, but given the steady stream of lies from our world-beating government, I'm not yet convinced. Given that most UK citizens are vaccinated, how come the India variant is spreading so fast?

Incompetence, lies and cover-ups. Blunders, bloopers and boo-boos. I see no reason why we would suddenly see a competent government, and can only console myself with the thought that Useless Corbyn would have been worse.

Covid restrictions are set to end on June 21, but will they? We'll keep an eye on the figures.


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