Friday 19 May 2017


My right calf has been giving me grief for nearly a week now; my left isn't too great either. I've been hobbling about the house, and going down stairs makes me long for a stairlift. But today I had an idea. Maybe I can make it worse!

We have a treadmill; it's mostly used by ladysolly. But I thought, if I set it to not-very-fast and not-very-uphill, maybe a bit of gentle exercise will improve things. Or maybe not.

So I set it to 2.3 mph, which is really slow, except that's my natural walking pace. I say "walkng", a better word would be "ambling". And 2% incline, so it's not entirely flat. I did ten minutes of that, and it didn't cripple me, so maybe this will help.

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