Friday 5 May 2017

Lurgi part 7

The Dreaded Lurgi has come up with an additional way to torture me. It's like the ten plagues, starting with pestilence, continuing with blood and all of this despite the sacrifice of a chicken the day before yesterday.

The new thing, feels like a cracked rib. I don't know if you can crack a rib by coughing too hard, but if you can, then I have. This makes breathing a bit iffy, and coughing very painful. And standing up, and sitting down, drinking, walking about. Anything, really, except for sitting perfectly still and trying not to cough.

This too shall pass.

Ladysolly will sacrifice another chicken today, together with several leeks. Leeks are not part of traditional Ashkenazi chinken soup, but they have been in our household (did you know that every jewish household has different traditions?) ever since I grew them on my allotment.

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