Wednesday 3 May 2017

Lurgi, part 6

At least I got some sleep last night, and didn't have to cope with buckets of blood gushing from my nose. But I was up every hour or so, because the size of my bladder isn't commensurate with the amount of water I'm drinking right now.

But the Dreaded Lurgi is still here, and it's expanded its remit to include a headache.

Google to the rescue.

I found that there's a homeopathic remedy for the Dreaded Lurgi called Mezereum. So I've started using that. I get it for free, out of the kitchen tap, and I'm sinking several pints of it each day, which is why I'm having to get out of bed every hour or so.

The other possible answer would be prayer. The problem then becomes which god to pray to. Google answered that conundrum; there is a god called Lurgi.

But the go-to cure for the Dreaded Lurgi is a Sousaphone sourced from Messrs Goosey and Bawkes; I have this on the authority of Hercules Grytpype-Thynne.

Maybe I'll just continue with the antibiotics. And I've sent ladysolly out to get more chicken soup.

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