Thursday 4 May 2017

After the chicken soup

The chicken soup was *so* good. Chickeny, with lumps of chicken swimming in it, and with plenty of vermicelli, although I'm not a pasta identification expert. I had two bowls, and expcet to make a miraculous recovery real soon now.

And she said she'll do more on Friday! My bowl runneth over.

The Dreaded Lurgi is still here. And it's found a new way to torture me - cramp in the right calf. I woke last night for one of many toilet runs (my bladder isn't adapted for the amount of liquid I'm swallowing) and as I swung out of bed, it got me.

The cure for cramp is to stand still on that leg, which is all very well, except that I'd woken up for a specific and urgent reason.

I got there just in time.


  1. Cramp can be caused by a deficiency of salts in the blood, and as you are running a lot of water through your system, you are probably losing salts at an increased rate. Maybe sports drinks containing electrolytes would help.