Tuesday 2 May 2017

Lurgi, part 4

eeeeeeee-Yakaboo! Yakaboo!

The Dreaded Lurgi continues. I'm still coughing up a storm, although not quite as badly as before, and I've made an appointment to see the doctor today.

But now I have another symptom, probably unrelated. At about 2am, my nose started to bleed. I've had nosebleeds before, it's usually just a few drops, but this time, it was worse, much worse. 6 hours later, and without a wink of sleep, the bleeding continues. If you asked me how much blood I've lost, the answer would, of course, be "nearly an armful!"

If I'm still gushing by the time I've seen the doctor (11.10 am), I'll get ladysolly to take me down to the Small Injuries Unit at Mount Vernon.

I've always had a good experience there. When I was testing my bike a couple of years ago and cycled straight into a tree in my garden that I'd stupidly forgotten about. I had a scalp wound, which also gushed blood. So I drove down to the Small Injuries Unit. I was wearing a white t-shirt, which was by then soaked in blood, and I must have looked pretty desperate. The nurse had a look, cleaned me up, applied a bit of glue and I was fine.

Maybe I need a dab of glue up my nose?

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