Tuesday 2 May 2017


I decided to visit the doctor on Monday, got an appointment for the next day.

The doctor stethoscoped me, peered down my throat, checked my blood oxygenation. She prescribed Doxycycline antibiotics (they must be good, the leaflet says they'll even cure syphylis, which I've always considered to be the Queen of STDs), and an inhaler, and a puffer of Ventolin, to ease my in-throat congestion.

The cost, of course, was zero.

I cannot understand why the Americans aren't demanding a similar system - paid for out of taxation, free at point of delivery.


  1. Cost to you (I guess you are over 65 and wealthy) zero.

    Cost to us, working age: £17.20

    The NHS has not been free at the point of delivery for those who work hard for a living for a long while now. Still better than the crazy USA system mind.

  2. Yes, I'm over 65. Actually, I still work, so I still pay taxes, so I'm still paying for the NHS, and I think that the NHS-percentage of the tax that I pay, is greater than the cost of service I get.

    But yes, you're right, for most people prescirtions aren't free. But the prescription payment is a very tiny fraction of the actual cost, as people living in the USA know.