Friday 28 April 2017


Each year, I do the tax and PAYE, using HMRC's "Basic PAYE Tools", which are quite good, and run under Linux.

So I was just doing the end-of-year, in which you print out the P60 for each employee, and the P35, and the P11D. I document how I do this, so that in subsequent years, I can just follow my own trail. This year, I did the P60s just fine, and I don't need to do the P11D for a couple of months, but the procedure I had for getting P35s didn't work. I tried flailing around a bit with no joy. Eventually, I called 0300 200 3300, the HMRC helpline.

I got a couple of minutes of explanation of how to do thinga that I didn't need to do, then got put in a hold queue that I was told was 13 minutes. Not too bad, compared with previous values. Eventually, I got to talk to Mary, who almost immediately told me that we didn't have to do P35s any more, that was done automatically and electronically by Basic PAYE Tools.


Thanks for not telling me before I made an unnecessary phone call wasting your time and mone.

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