Friday 7 April 2017


The UPS in the cupboard under the stairs, is failing. Twice now, it's started a shrill and annoying beeping, which only ends when I power it off and then back on again. I'm thinking, it needs new batteries.

So I had a look around. Bluepoint, who I used to buy lots of stuff from, had on their web site some marvellous bargains; a 6000 VA UPS for £8 (normally I'd expect to pay about £1000 for that). And a few similarly great bargains.

So I phoned them up. The £8 bargain was "a mistake", as were the other half dozen great-looking deals. The sales guy there kept trying to sell me a BPS box, but I'm not keen on being bait-and-switched.

So I went to Ebay; specifically I went to my old pal ups-trader. There I found a nifty little UPS, 800 VA, for £34, reconditioned (meaning, he put in a new battery).

Normally, I buy much heftier UPSes, 3000 VA, which come as a thing that weighs over 100 pounds, mostly the lead-acid batteries.  That's just about draggable. And they cost about £800 (£250 if you get a refurbished one from ups-trader). But for the cupboard under the stairs, all I have there is the ethernet switch that connects all the rooms together, and an ADSL router. Between them they consume gornisht current, so this small UPS should be enough for them.

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