Monday 10 April 2017

Do THIS to Kill Toenail Fungus

I've been getting a bunch of spams along these lines; I've not looked at what they offer, but it does make me think that toenail fungus isn't rare.

And it's a problem I have.

It's not a big problem, at least for me. It means that one of my toenails is slightly distorted. I was visiting the doctor for some other minor reason a year or so ago, and while I was there, I showed her my big toes. "Fungus", she said, and prescribed Amorolfine.

So twice a week, I cleaned the affected nails with an alcohol swab, filed them a bit on the surface, then applied the Amorolfine, as per the instructions.

After several months, nothing seemed to happen. And we changed doctor (because we'd moved house and the old doctors suddenly realised I was a couple of miles away). So when I went to see the new doctor to get continuity for my Warfarin, statin and eyedrop prescriptions (apparently, I'm on all those for life), I showed her my toenails and told her I was on Amorolfine.

"Ineffective" she said, laughing, as in "Who sold you that, then?" and apparently, I had to be on pills. But first, they had to test my fungus to determine which species it was, because they needed to know that to give me the right pills.

So I took a scrape, they tested it, and it came back negative. No fungus.

So the doctor said, stop using the Amorolfine and after some weeks, take another scrape. Which, by the way, tells me that she didn't really think that Amorolfine was ineffective. So I did that, and we got a negative again.

And a third time. At which point, I don't think I'm going to be able to get pills for this.


So I've noticed that the fungus problem has possibly cleared up. You can't see that instantly, because it takes time for the toenail to grow back cleanly. But I think it's doing exactly that.

I'm keeping up with the Amorolfine treatment until it's properly grown back, because why not, but the whole episode has shown me that A) two doctors think it's effective and B) it does actually seem to work.


If you have mis-shapen nails (in my case, big toe), show it to a doctor, and do what the doctor recommends.

Don't bother reading the spam.

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