Sunday 30 April 2017

Lurgi, part 3

Yakaboo! Yakaboo!

The worst thing about this particular strain of Dreaded Lurgi is that I want to cough, but if I do, I enter a paroxysm of coughing which A) hurts a lot and B) interferes with breathing.

Yes, it's all still happening.

I've been "taking lots of fluids", except that air is a fluid, and the advice should be "plenty of liquids". Most of the liquid I'm taking is water, because it's non-fattening. But this means that I'm also visiting the toilet very frequently (like, once per hour or two). That's not really a problem, but at night it means I'm getting up quite a lot. Also, what comes out is almost as colourless as what went in. Obviously, I'm diluting myself.

Symptoms - I'm tired (which is probably because of lack of sleep and interrupted sleep), my throat hurts, especially when I cough, and I feel like I've been beaten all over with a cricket bat. I can't see any bruises, but it feels like I'm bruised.

Come on, immune system! Do your stuff!

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