Wednesday 26 April 2017


Ladysolly just told me that when she tried to visit the web site of her bridge club, she was blocked by Vodafone's censorship.

There's probably some way that she can prove that she's over 18 and therefore has sufficient moral fibre to resist the lure of the Devil's Bible.

The real problem, of course, is the poor quality of the censorware that's supposed to protect children. I remember I was once asked to try out some censorware. I installed it on my computer, and just used it normally. But when I tried to buy some nuts and bolts, by visiting it blocked me. And when I looked at the reason, it didn't like the word "screw" in the web site name.

And Disney. They tried to block me. Getting round their blocker was very easy.

Wifi in the Magic Kingdom

Wifi in the Magic Kingdom, part 2

A magic way to remagic the Magic Kingdom's Wifi

So these blockers are easy to evade, and annoying for bridge players.


  1. There used to be a DNS server that sanitized the net by not serving the domains for adult sites (maybe more than one, I'm thinking of Scrubit). Unfortunately, some internet service providers, like mine, redirect all DNS requests to their own servers, without telling you, whatever you have them set to (yes, even in the router).

    1. Have you tried setting up your hosts file? That overrides DNS.