Wednesday 7 December 2016

More malvertising

A cunningly contructed exploit stores it's code in png files. It relies on javascript to extract and run the code.

That doesn't affect me; I run A) an ad blocker (and this kind of thing is the main reason) and B) a javascript blocker. Lots of people don't.

The adverts that you see when you go to a web site, aren't actually hosted by the web site that you visit; they're hosted by a third party, an advertising network. An ad network buys space on web sites, and sells space to advertisers.

But here's the thing. Lots of advertising networks allow their advertisers to include javascript code with their ads.


This is crazy - it's just asking for trouble.

There's a full description of the malvertising malware on the Eset WeLiveSecurity web site. But that's just one bad malware thing. There's plenty of others. That's why I run uBlock Origin to block ads, I block advertising sites via my hosts file and I disable javascipt using NoScript.

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