Thursday 1 December 2016

Brexit means ...

David Davis is the "Brexit secretary". He's said that we might be willing to pay the EU to get access to the single market. I'm guessing £350 million per week?

Boris Johnson, our Foreign Minister, has said that he supports freedom of movement (although he said that it isn't government policy).

So all we need now is harmonisation of regulations (already in place) and free movement of capital. And then we can leave the EU while keeping all the advantages of membership.

Truly, Brexit means ... um?


  1. So ....So it may be 350 million BUT as long as it stops the free movement of people so what that's all we wanted in the first place Cameron failed to get it

  2. A) You don't know what we wanted. We voted for Brexit, not for any specific measure.
    B) We probably will keep free movement of labour.
    C) We won't have another referendum on the terms we get.
    D) Theresa May was unable to limit the influx of non-EU people when she was home secretary. So even if we don't have free movement of labour, we'll still have mass immigration, because why would leaving the EU make any difference to non-EU immigration?

  3. A) As Prime Minister, Theresa May will be able to do what she couldn't as home secretary, especially as David Cameron is no longer be Prime Minister.

    B) Many "non-EU" people coming into Britain were coming through the EU. International law on refugees says they are supposed to remain in the first safe country they get to, but the lack of border controls in Europe means they all all go wherever they want. Many prefer an English speaking country with good welfare benefits.

    Which leads us to C) The real problem: our benefit system is too attractive to foreigners. Our new Prime Minister may well do something about that, too, when the EU can no longer tell us we can't exclude foreigners from entitlements. They don't come here for the sunshine.