Tuesday 20 December 2016

New monitor part 1

The Hanns-G HQ271 27 inch monitor (costing £208) arrived. 2560 by 1440 of loveliness. Two 1280 by 1024 monitors aren't nearly as good as this. You can get them a bit cheaper if you order a similar monitor direct from South Korea, but I wanted this one ASAP.

It was pretty easy to install; the DVI cable that I have doesn't work with this monitor, it's got a slightly different pin set. So I used HDMI and that worked fine. I can't make the sound work, but I'm not bothered, I'll continue to use my desktop speaker.

It doesn't seem to have any way to adjust the monitor position, but fortunately it's pretty good as it is.

A video card also arrived, that's a GTX 1050 that I hope to use to play Civ 6 on. As soon as Civ 6 has finished installing (it takes dozens of hours, becuase it's downloading something huge) I'll try it.

And Catan has arrived, which is going to be our Christmas game.

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