Thursday 15 December 2016

Text message

I was just updating my Flash player (they found another 17 vulnerabilities) yet again (I have to do this so often now, I have a script to do it) from version to version 24.0 r0 (huh?) when the phone rang. It was an SMS message, delivered via my land line.

I get very few SMS messages on my mobile, because I don't give out my mobile number to any Tom, Dick, Harry or spammer. The message told me the number it came from, and it wasn't a number I know, so I refused to accept it.

Uh oh. I foresee a blizzard to these in future. Thanks, BT.

So I called  0800 587525, pressed 1 then 5. That means that I can no longer get SMS messages sent to my landline.

And then I finished updating my Flash player.

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