Thursday 22 December 2016

Excellent tech support

I was given Civilization 6 for my birthday, and I've been playing it on my old games machine. It's not fast. So I set up another machine, much faster, plenty of memory (32gb) and a really up-to-date video card (GTX 1050). And to my great disappointment, Civ 6 wouldn't run. When I started it up, it said "running" for about a second, then nothing.

I tried reinstalling, I tried this, I tried that, I tried the other; I tried everything I could think of - no result. Eventually, I tried to contact tech support.

Civ 6 comes from 2K, so I went to their web site to find a support number. I couldn't find a phone number, but they did have a form I filled in. I gave all the details that I thought they'd want, and I expected a reply some time in the new year.

But no! I got a reply almost immediately!

I'm guessing that it was a standard cut-and-paste reply - verify game cache, reinstall directx, reinstall vcredist ... and it told me *exactly* how to do each of those steps. The first two suggestions didn't help, but after the third suggestion ... it worked!

This is how tech support should be. Well done 2K.

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