Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Covington Conga

First, I bagged a "Treasures of the Templars" cache, the last one that I haven't done, apart from the final.

Then up to Covington, to do the Conga; 28 caches in a nice circuit, done on the bike on good tracks and with no difficult stiles.

Back at Covington, I had lunch near the church, then went to get the final of "Treasures of the Templars". That took me to a place I'd visited before, because it was on the route of a circuit I did several months ago, and I guessed that the Templars cache would be here. But although SimplyPaul and I hunted for a long time, we didn't find it. But this time, helped by A) the certainty that it was there and B) the fact that someone else had found it since our DNF, I looked again. And after a few minutes, I found it! I've been doing this series for a couple of years now, it's nice to finalise it.

Then on to Higham Ferrers and Stanwick, just buzzing around on the bike to pick up another 20 caches, for a day's total of 49, and a few DNFs.

While I was out, the bike kept cutting out, but I'm pretty sure it's a loose connection, and I think I know which one it is, so I'll be replacing that connector with something a lot firmer.

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