Monday, 17 March 2014

Stopping spam

I'm going to try out a spam stopper on one of my email addresses. This address gets nothing but spam, so it'll be interesting to see how well the stopper works. You can see it here

It works in a way I rather like; I change the MX records for the domain I want to protect so that MXguarddog receives the email. They then analyse it, and forward it on to my email address, suitably marked up with a SPAM flag. And to pay for it, all they want is a link to their site on my site, which I've done.

Setting it up was pretty simple, especially if you're familiar with MX records, or if you use one of several services such as Godaddy.

How well does it actually work?

I'll see.


  1. Now, I like boxtapper, its less sofisticated, it sends them an email and asks them if they are human! If they reply it forwards their original email on to me, you must have come across this, in fact I reckon you wrote the code for it :)

  2. lol, actually its boxtrapper!