Monday 8 August 2016

Talking to Daisy

And I got a call from Daisy Communications. I already have service from them, in the form of a 2 mbit line, and they were a contender for the ethernet connection when I looked into it two years ago.

The call was from Anthony. He was taking on my case from way back then. I told him I didn't actully have my ethernet connection yet, so there was some hope, but not to get too excited just yet.

When the thought of EFM (ethernet on the first mile) struck me, I thought, I know, I'll ask Anthony for a quote. Because the Daisy web site tells you "up to 35 mbit" and doesn't give pricing. I wanted to know what "up to 35 mbit" means, because 1 mbit falls into that category. And I wanted pricing. So I emailed him, back at the email address he emailed me from.

The email bounced. "Deferred: Connection timed out with"

So I phoned him on the number that he gave me. I got a recorded message, so I left my name and number and asked for a call back.

Nothing happened. I tried phoning again in the afternoon. Still nothing.

It looks like they've learned their customer communications from TalkTalk, but added a couple of twists of their own.

You have to wonder why they bother.

By the way, before you get too snotty about this, how do you know that the company you work for isn't exactly the same, or worse? In my experience, the only way you can find out what it's like for customers who contact your company, is to pretend to be a potential customer and see what happens.


  1. Have you considered using one of the ISPs who use a connection via satellite, or are they not fast enough? No blocked gully problems from them!

  2. Massively expensive, and not fast enough.