Monday 22 August 2016

Spare parts

I'm a great believer in spare parts. I have an entire bicycle whose purpose in life is to be a donor of spare parts; it's actually a lot cheaper to buy an entire, secondhand, bicycle than to have spares for all the mechanical bits that might need replacing.

Likewise computers; my box of bits ... well, it isn't actually a box, it's several shelves each containing a bunch of well-labelled boxes.

So when the NHS asked me if I'd be willing to be used as spare parts, I enthusiastically agreed. You can recycle my heart, liver, kidneys, brain, anything else that might be useful. After I've done with them, of course. And I have a donor card in my wallet, and ladysolly knows my intentions (and she's signed up too).

So if you ever see someone whose nose looks strangely familiar ...

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