Friday 19 August 2016

DRAC is lovely

Some of the Dell Poweredge servers I've been getting, have DRAC, the Dell Remote Access Console. And it's lovely.

You set it up using Ctrl-E at the appropriate stage of booting, and tell it what IP address to use. Then, I can use Internet Explorer under Windows 7 to access that IP address, and it's almost as it I were sitting in front of the computer as it starts up - all the Bios messages scroll past in a window, and I can see if there's a startup problem. So if, for example, it wants me to press a key to continue, I can do that. Even over the internet.

It's a pity I can't get it to work with Firefox on a linux box, or on Windows XT, but even though it's only usable with Windows 7 Internet Explorer, it's still very nice.

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